Author: Economart

Who or What Funds Government?

It is commonly thought that Government funds government; That Government furnishes the funds with which it pays its bills or settles it debts. This errant reasoning has marred the theories and practices of public...

Function and Purpose of Government

The means whereby governments achieve their objectives differ greatly from those of business. However, the objectives of profit or benefit are not. Each entity makes an investment intent upon a profitable return.

Deterrence of Taxation

Taxation in all its forms fosters a discernible reluctance to engage in worthy economic undertakings. Taxation is by nature a penalty or fine. The intention with its employment should be to discourage or prevent, not to encourage or induce.

Government Bereft of Taxation

What if government could no longer expropriate funds, but had to borrow them with a capital charge? Does this become a beneficial undertaking or a detrimental one for a nation?

Unrestrained Government Squander

A superb illustration of perhaps the worst efforts of government can be found in the relentlessly inept, futile, and prodigal initiatives to combat and eradicate certain narcotics habitually indulged in by an unfortunate few.

The Keynesian Flaw

The Keynesian prescription has always been to engineer an increase in aggregate demand for an ailing economy. The flaw in this reasoning is not found in aggregate demand, which can be easily manipulated by the dearth or superfluity of money, but rather in aggregate supply.