About Me

My name is Economart, (not really, but that is what I’m using). I feel I have something to offer the field of economics. Some economists know of me. Many until very recently had not.

My offer of $10,000 for the flaw in the proof is genuine. It doesn’t really matter who I am. What matters is the research I have performed. If there be a flaw, I would like to know about it. Previous pleas have yielded nothing. Current pleas with my financial offer are yielding some responses, but no flaw.

If I be right, then Taxation will be a thing of the past, a blessing for us all. If wrong, then a lot lighter in the wallet, but content that I no longer have to spend another minute working on this thankless project.

All my work forms its foundation in one self-evident truth, that government does not fund itself. It does not fund public expenditures. It does not settle its debts. It never has and it never will. That task has always fallen to the taxpayer. So, in order to fully understand how public finance works, one must apply this little appreciated fact. Given that the community of taxpayers funds government, it is to their finances on must look and examine in order to answer basic questions. If this is not the case, then all I argue for is worthless. If correct, then all that follows must be correct.

I have analyzed public finances from the finances of those that fund it, and I have discovered that it does not matter whether a community, not the government, but a community funds its public expenditures by Taxation or Borrowing. However, the costs of Taxation for a community are immense and the financial benefit nil, whereas Borrowing has no such inherent costs.

So why would a community tax when it can borrow without all these costs to fund public expenditures?